Luxe living for the whole family.

With technology and our creativity, we developed E-Design, a new service for clients that live outside NYC or Fairfield, CT, or just have busy schedules. You only need a measuring tape, a camera -or your phone- and your email to send us the information of your space...the rest is on us! 


This is for you if...


You have recently moved, need to re-style your home to reflect you or the family grew and need to reformulate the spaces.


Need help to buy quality pieces and integrate them in your space or re-use your actual furniture and give them a new style.


Want to make your space more efficient and livable, in phases or at your own pace and budget.


Look for an affordable design option to save more budget for improving your space.



  1. Inspirational Board
  2. Floor plan, Elevations and Sections
  3. Furniture Layout
  4. Complete Shopping Guide with Pricing, Sizing information and Links
  5. Samples, Color Swatches, Fabrics, etc.
  6. Detailed guide to implement your design.



Small Space
Up to 120sqft or 12m2


Large Space | Apartment
Up to 550sqft or 50m2


Medium Space
Up to 250sqft or 25m2


Extra-Large Space | Apartment
Up to 800sqft or 75m2

Design Consultation
Space Planning, Paint Color selection, Furniture selection, Lightning selection or Accessories selection.
$49 per Consult

The Process:


1. Select your E-Design Plan

Select the size and type of room that you want us to design in our E-Design Form. We will send you a contract for our services and an invoice to your email, which you can pay with your credit card. You can order one room, two rooms or your whole house! You can also order our E-Design service as a gift.


2. Get to know You

Hands on! You will receive a guide with all the instructions needed to measure the room, take photos, select your inspirational photos and decide your style/ color preferences. Let us know your estimated budget and your favorite stores where we can select the pieces for your project. If you don't have any favorites, we will be happy to give you our best advice!


3. Photograph & Measure

Grab your camera and take photos of the room or rooms that you want us to re-style. You can also send us other referencial photos of other rooms in your house and exteriors, so we can create an integrated design with the rest of your house. In our guide, you will find detailed steps for measuring your space and make sure all the numbers are accurate.


4. Define your Style

Share with us what you love and the feel you want to achieve in your space. We gain insight for this through a design questionnaire and inspiration photos that you collect from magazines, blogs and other sources.  These images also need to be sent via email. 


5. Create

With all the information received, we will start designing your space! In this final phase, we will research for the best furniture, colors, materials and decor to make your room or rooms to reflect your style. Then, we will send you the design and you will have up to 2 reviews to make it amazing. 


6. Support

We give you full customer support in the implementation phase, to you or your contractor. Our goal is to make you love your space and we will help you in every step of the way. It does't matter if you do it the next day, the next month or in phases, just get in touch with us and we will guide you through the process.

empty room.jpg

7. Implement

Ready for your new room? Your design will have easy-to-follow instructions, with an itemized list of what you need to buy, measures and the final look to style your space.


8. Enjoy your home

Style your Home

Entryway / Living Room / Dining Room / Bedrooms / Closets / Nurseries / Bathrooms / Kitchen
TV Room /  Play Room / Terrace- Balcony / Home Office

Spend quality time with family.

  • The E-Design Service provides our clients a top quality design in a short timeframe and at a fraction of a full service fee.
  • Our Design Process has been developed to make your experience easier and fun. We will lead you through every step to achieve your dream space.
  • The Developing time can vary depending of the size and complexity of the space. It should be between 01 week up to 04 weeks.
  • All the material needed will be send in CAD and PDF files ready to print.  

Tell us more about your project:

We would love to help you select the E-Design Service for your Home. Please, fill up the form below with the details for your project, and we'll get back to you within 01 business day. 

If you have any photos of your space that you want to share with us, please email them to:

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