Have a Smart Home

Considering that we spend more than a half of our lives at home, it makes sense that our space should be a smart home. 
We are specialized in re-organizing your home so that it is functional, stylish and easy to use.
You can book an In-Home Service or a Virtual Organizing, depending on your needs.


Let's make space in your closet or room by decluttering your space. We will work together to select your keepers or donation items.


Preparing for a new family member
Get ready for a new stage of your life. We will help you select everything that you need and don't need, to create a magical space in your home.


Don't find what you need?
Everything will have its place in your organized home, making your searching times down to none. 


Moving Homes
Let's pack just what you need in your new home. Plan ahead your new home layout and box / unbox your items in an organized way. 


Maximize a Small Room
You can accomplish a lot in a small space, it just needs to be efficiently organized to store all the things that you really need.


Create an Organizing System
Make it happen everyday, no excuses. An organizing system can get you back on track with ease.


Style your Home
Organizing is not boring anymore! We will select stylish containers, beautiful cabinets and systems to make your home a place to enjoy.


Make the most of your time
The pleasure to know that everything is in its place. You can now go to the store and buy what you need, not what you can't find.

Claudia and Angelo are very friendly. My kitchen was total chaos and both of them knew how to organize things professionally. I will definitely call them again for my living room also. Money well spent!
— S.Y. | NYC

For any space of your home... or for all!

Entryway / Living Room / Dining Room / Bedrooms / Closets / Nurseries / Bathrooms / Kitchen
TV Room /  Play Room / Home Office / Garage / Attic

Organize your Home

In-Home Organizing Package:

Select the best package to Organize any space of your Home.

Virtual Organizing:

Select the best Virtual Service for your Home, for 01 Room or book 01 Consultation for a small project.

Other Options:

  • Consultation (01-hour) | $79 (waived when you sign up for a service)
  • Hourly | $60 (if you don't choose a package)

Tell us more about your Project:

We would love to help you select the best Organization Service for your Home. Please, fill up the form below with the details for your project, and we'll get back to you within 01 business day. 

If you have any photos of your space that you want to share with us, please email them to: projects@dezign-studio.com

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