“Having an efficient layout and a styled home is our #resolution for you.”

During my career, I have helped many clients to restructure their homes through renovations and interior re-design of their spaces, to achieve an efficient and functional space. Everyone deserves a space where they can really feel "at home", it doesn't matter how big or small is budget or your style, we can work with you the perfect layout for your home.

— Claudia Zimmermann, Co-Founder

“An organized space leads to better results in your life, at home and work.”

A messy home is the reflect of a messy mind, that's a fact. We live in a time where nobody has time for anything, and yet we want to accomplish everything. We believe that having an organized space is the base to anyone's success, and that's why we offer our top Home Organization Service in both of our business, Dezign Studio and Cleaning Studio.

— Angelo Zimmermann, Co-Founder

Angelo, emilia and Claudia at NY NOw -interior design trade show, NYC 2016

Angelo, emilia and Claudia at NY NOw -interior design trade show, NYC 2016

We are a Design Studio founded in Lima-Peru in 2009, and based in New York since 2015. Claudia is a Professional Architect and USGBC LEED Green Associate, who simply loves to design and build amazing homes, while Angelo leads the business part, with great experience in Company and Tech Management. We are also founders of Cleaning Studio, a top Eco-Friendly Home Cleaning and Organization Services in NYC with 5 star reviews.

Our Architectural experience relies in our passion for design High- End Residential Projects, including Multifamily Buildings, Single Family Houses, Country and Beach Houses, with over 20 projects designed and executed successfully. We have not only designed, but directed the construction of several residential projects, which let us produce high-quality designs that are easy to develop.

Our top Skills are: Architectural Design, Sustainability, Energy Efficiency, Interior Design, Professional Organization, Project Management and Construction. 

We apply concepts of organization, space efficiency, energy saving and low-maintenance to all of our designs, to make your life easier and your spaces family-friendly.


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